meals on wheels:

meals for senior adults

From the first "Meals On Wheels" delivered in canteens to British servicemen during World War II; to the first formal Meals On Wheels program in America, serving Philadelphia in the 1950s; to today's vast network of local home-delivered and congregate meal programs that serve millions of seniors and others across the country - Meals On Wheels has been a long-standing, highly-regarded institution.

The Meals On Wheels Association of America (MOWAA) is the oldest and largest organization in the United States representing those who offer meal services to people in need.  Since 1976, MOWAA has worked to arm local senior nutrition programs with the resources, tools and information they need to provide meals and make a difference in the lives of our neighbors, our veterans and all of our nation's seniors who are facing the threat of hunger.

Locally, meals are provided by the Burke County Senior Services (BCSS) Nutrition Program that administers the Meals on Wheels program here.  BCSS also determines eligibility, and maintains service and waiting lists.  For questions on program eligibility or to apply for meals, contact the Burke County Senior Services Nutrition Program office by phone: 828-430-4147.

Oak Hill United Methodist Church volunteers are a part of the Meals on Wheels delivery team.  Our volunteers have a regular schedule to deliver meals to seniors in the Oak Hill community.  Additional delivery volunteers are always welcomed and needed, and volunteers can serve as little as 2 hours, one day a month.  For more information on volunteering to deliver Meals on Wheels through OHUMC, contact: Ben Nantz, 828-391-6857.