Donations Through PayPal

Click the DONATE Button

After you click the DONATE button, you will be taken to the Oak Hill United Methodist PayPal form.   You can sign into your PayPal account and make a donation, or you can make a donation using a debit or credit card.  You can make a one time donation or you can direct PayPal to make a recurring monthly donation.  

You May Donate to Specific Funds

PayPal will read: "Please review your donation".  When you click that button, it will take you to a checkout page.

You will see the words: "Special instructions for your donation?"   Click the + sign and a box will open for you to give specific instructions on how you want to donate.  For example, for a $50 donation, you can type in: $25 Building Fund, $25 General Fund.  Our treasurer will get an email and move your donation to the funds you have chosen.   

Your Donations are Appreciated!

We appreciate donations from our members and friends.   You can make a donation anytime day or night.  If you miss a worship service, feel free to donate by using the DONATE button above.