3PM - 4:30PM

WEDNESDAY CHURCH is for kids 3-5th grade.  About 40 kids participate each week, most of whom come from Oak Hill Elementary School.  After the bell rings on Wednesdays, students meet either in the cafeteria or the media center, where our WC Team walks the kids down the nature trail to the church.  When the kids arrive, they start in shifts alternating play time on the playground or snack time in the Fellowship Hall.  Then they have Sanctuary Time with Pastor Adam, and afterward divide into Family Groups to focus on lessons and fun activities centered on our current theme. 

We have a rotating team of people who prepare a great, healthy afterschool meal for the kids.  Some kids are pretty hungry because their school lunch was early in the day. 

There is no charge for your child to participate!

*Please see your teacher at Oak Hill Elementary School for a form and return the Participant Form to the Oak Hill Elementary School office.