Circles Initiative of Burke County

     Circles is committed to eliminating poverty one family at a time.   A person in poverty enrolls in a "Getting Ahead" Class.  The class lasts for 16 weeks.  After graduating from the Getting Ahead Class, that person can apply to become a "Circle Leader".   The Circle Leader is matched with two to three other people from middle to upper class families who are called "Allies".   The Circle Leader sets goals and meets regularly with the Allies who provide friendship and encouragement to help the Circle Leader meet their goals.   
     Circle Leaders have had these results from participating in Circles: increase their income, go back to school, stabilize their housing and transportation, stay in jobs, manage their finances, replace hopelessness with a future dream, and become better parents and problem solvers.  You may know someone who is in poverty and would like to become a Circle Leader.  You may want to become an Ally, to be a friend to someone who is trying to get ahead in life.